About us

Igniting sustainable growth through energy

Southern Africa is in its next phase of economic development, with access to clean, renewable energy at the heart of inclusive economic growth. Catalysing abundant natural resources, we are set to deliver a blend of 3-5GWs of wind and solar energy generated across numerous sites, unlocking value from scale and diversity.

The transition to a low-carbon world must leave no one behind. We collaborate with government, communities, and stakeholders, across the energy landscape for transformational, inclusive, and systemic change, to power a low-carbon future with people and prosperity at its heart - a goal no organization can achieve alone.

About Envusa

By developing clean, reliable energy, and powering jobs and skills development in the green economy, we are energizing brighter futures for our clients and the communities where we operate.

Our Values
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We act to uncover new opportunities, spur collaboration and drive industry change.

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We act to find solutions for our client’s and the region’s most pressing energy needs, unlock opportunities for all.

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We act with integrity towards all our stakeholders.

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We work to foster partnerships with stakeholders across the energy landscape. Together we can achieve more.

Partnering for Transformation

We're committed to promoting meaningful and inclusive participation in the green economy. Building a contribution to a just energy transition is a business imperative and the right thing to do, a commitment we take seriously.